• Main ledger entry – 0,40 eur/pcs
  • Payroll – 3 eur/pax
  • Fixed assets accounting – 2 eur/item
  • Declarations – 50 eur/hour (30 min step)
  • Statistics reports – from 15 eur/pcs
  • Preparation of payment orders – 0,40 eur/pcs
  • Filing for VAT registration – 75 eur/application

Annual report**:

  • micro-enterprise – from 50 eur
  • small-scale enterprise – from 75 eur
  • medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises – 65 eur/hour

*VAT will be added to all above mentioned prices
**Micro-enterprise: balance sheet and income statement, and up to three annexes.
Small-scale enterprises: detailed balance sheet and income statement and up to nine annexes.
Medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises: management report, four basic reports (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow report, statement of changes in equity), and annexes.

Accounting prices

  • Prices start from 50€+VAT/ month
  • Prices for Amazon FBA sellers (and similar): Starting from 110.-€+VAT/ month
  • Prices for crypto- related companies: Starting from 200.-€+VAT/ month

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