Company Accounting


* Plan “S”- 100.0/ month. Includes: 0-10 documents

* Plan “M”- 150.0/ month. 11-25 documents

* Plan “L”- 200.0/ month. 26-50 documents

* Plan “Z”-150.0/annum “zero” report for non- active company

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* Plan “S”- 100.-€+VAT/ month. Includes: 0-10 documents (sales+ purchase invoices), TSD and VAT declaration, 24/7 access to accounting software

* Plan “M”- 150.-€+VAT/ month. 11-25 documents

* Plan “L”- 200.-€+VAT/ month. 26-50 documents

* Onboarding for accounting from another provider: send direct e-mail to us

* Dormant company package: 150.-€+VAT/ year. Includes: Legal address in Tallinn city center, Authorized contact person service,Annual “zero” report. No letter receiving/ forwarding included.

Id like to have functionality, that with every order, there should go tick “I agree with terms and conditions”. Terms and conditions will be provided by us.

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Plan “Z”- 150.0 € / annum, Plan “S”- 100.0 € / month, Plan “M”- 150.0 € / month, Plan “L”- 200.0 € / month