What is e-Residency?

This is a unique opportunity, provided by the Republic of Estonia, which opens you a door to the European Union economic space. Estonia is the first and only country in the world to offer this opportunity. After becoming an e-resident you will recieve a physical card (digital- ID), which makes it possible to make all your arrangements (such as opening EU- company, banking, run business, sign digitally documents, etc, etc.) remotely. The best part, you do not even have to be physically in Estonia! Card will be sent to you by post and you can start work with it immediately!

More about Estonian e-residence here https://e-resident.gov.ee/

Why would you need to become e-resident?

Unique opportunity to set up EU company without even being in EU. All the processes can be done remotely. The way to set up EU company in Estonia is extremely easy (it takes a few hours to register it, and a decision about including company in business register takes not more than 24 hours).

  1. Run your EU business remotely. Known as digital country, Estonia offers you a lot of possibilities to run your business without even visiting the country. Everything can be done via internet (from banking to reporting to authorities). Running business in Estonian digital environment is hassle free, easy and pleasant.
  2. Friendly business environment. Easy registering, easy administration, 0% tax on profit, 0 difference between foreigner and Estonian citizen (both have equal rights and demands for business) are just a few of advantages of extremely cost effective business environment. It is even possible to start a company with 0.- eur share capital.

Please see link for all benefits https://e-resident.gov.ee/start-a-company/

July 15, 2019