Company Accounting

Our professional accountants will help you in organizing your company’s accountancy according to Estonian laws and accounting standards. The accounting service includes:

  • Source documents’ processing and control;
  • Keeping ledgers and accounts receivable;
  • Submitting tax declarations;
  • Payroll;
  • Assets accounting;
  • Submitting of annual, financial and statistics reports;
  • Financial consultations.

Annual report*

According to Estonian laws an Estonian company is obliqued to submit its annual report within six months after the end of the financial year. Lettica OÜ accountants can submit the report for you electronically.

The fee for the annual report depends on whether or not the bookkeeping has been done for the entire year and on the size of your company. Therefore, we ask you to contact us or fill in quotation form, so that we could provide you with a price quotation, customized for your specific needs.

*abridged annual reports of micro-enterprises are made up of at least two basic reports: abridged balance sheet and income statement, and up to three annexes. A micro-enterprise that uses the option of drawing up an abridged annual report provided for it need not prepare a management report.

*abridged annual reports of small-scale enterprises are prepared according to the Estonian financial reporting standard and include two basic reports: detailed balance sheet and income statement and up to nine annexes. Small-scale enterprises also need to prepare a management report.

*medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises prepare their annual reports either according to the Estonian financial reporting standard or the requirements of IFRS, and the reports include a management report, four basic reports, and 15 annexes on average.

Full annual report – balance sheet, income statement, cash flow report, statement of changes in equity, and annexes – is mandatory for medium-sized and large enterprises, and non-profit associations and foundations.