Why is it beneficial to use Estonian e-Residency for your daily business?

We, here in Estonia, are used to take for granted many advantages of modern digital technology.

Among many other services, there is fully digital communication between you and country

( )- it is all- in- one portal, where an individual can find all information

concerning it, in an easy- to- follow way.

At Lettica OÜ believe that, e-Residency is a unique opportunity, provided by the Republic of

Estonia, which opens a door to the European Union economic space. Estonia is the first and the

only country in the world to offer this opportunity. After becoming an e-resident one will

receive a physical card (digital- ID), which makes it possible to make all its arrangements (such as

opening EU- company, banking, run business, sign digitally documents, etc, etc.) remotely. The

best part, one does not even have to be physically in Estonia! Card can be picked up in any

Estonian embassy (or in Estonia, in Estonian Police and Border Guard Board) it is ready to use

immediately after receiving it! More about Estonian e-residence here

There has been oa lot of different articles, concerning to the topic why to become an e-Resident.

We would just conclude benefits in few points:

* Create your company and run it daily location independently

* Do your reporting and pay your taxes location independently

* Take maximum benefit of Estonian clear and stable taxation system.

We at Lettica ourselves are really mobile as well, traveling around the world a lot. So we know

exactly the strengths and competitive advantage e-Residency gives one- live where you want,

work when you feel like/ can. Of course, with finances there are important dates and deadlines,

but since we are really punctual in questions what concern our work, then no work has been

undone because of traveling.

Our customers demand from us a variety of different services, among which the most popular

ones are without doubt company formation, legal address and daily accounting.

Company formation, for example is made really convenient for e-Residents. In order to make it

most convenient for our customer (wherever country or timezone he/she is located), we need for

preparation of documents to verify customers identity, code of field of activity and desired

company name. Everything else is done by us, so customer can just sign the papers and start

running business within few days. Since we are involved in other (EU) countries company

formation and other financial activities, there is comparable experience, and we can assure, that

company formation in Estonia, vis e-Residence program, is so far the most convenient of them all,

not to mention, most cost-effective one. And- again- both, we and the customer, can be in

whatever country of the world.

Concerning to daily accounting- this is also really convenient for customer- today’s electronic

environment enables forwarding necessary documents forward and backward in any direction just

with few seconds. Again- our customers only worry is to forward invoices to us in time, everything

else is our job.

The good part is, that all above mentioned can be done by individual by itself, among number of

other services, enabled by e-Residency program, too. Our suggestion is, that, if you feel

confident- do it yourself, otherwise we are there for you. Wherever you are around the Globe.

If you have application for e-Residency in your mind, don’t hesitate to take it. We at Lettica are

there to support you, in case you need assistance.